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Comment/Suggestion Box
Comment/Suggestion Box

Welcome to the Comment/Suggestion Box

The purpose of this page is to allow people to have a voice in the continuous improvement process here at Central Community College. All suggestions and comments must be in the spirit of collegiality and improvement, however.

  • Comments or suggestions that use offensive language will be discarded.
  • Comments or suggestions for improvement that involve specific individuals†should be submitted to that individualís supervisor, not the suggestion box.
  • In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, any comment or†suggestion that involves a problem or difficulty should also have a†proposed†solution if at all possible.

Comments and suggestions that meet these criteria, and any follow-up responses, will be posted on the college website for at least 90 days following their receipt.

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Comments/Suggestions and Responses - General

03.02.15 Staff Directory

I am unable to find the staff Directory on the new Website. Could someone direct me? Thanks

02.19.15 Chartwells

Chartwells is doing a great job of providing options for our students during the renovation.

02.13.15 New Student Page

When I was looking at the new student page http://www.cccneb.edu/New-Student/ on the bottom of the page it lists the locations.

02.12.15 Information Desk signage needed

This suggestion was made last year with the reply that you would talk about it. I actually wonder if you ever did discuss this suggestion because there still continues to be the issues.

02.11.15 Calendar

I am extremely disappointed with the events calendar. I recently was looking for the date for graduation, not only for my own curiosity but also because I need to ask off time for work pretty far in advance.

02.09.15 College website is not user friendly at all and hard to find things

The new college website is not user friendly at all.

02.05.15 College or Campus Closings

It would be best if College or Campus closings be announced before 6:30 on the day of the closings.

02.05.15 Central Community College closures

Wednesday February 4th, I looked on the Webcentral page to see if it was closed because of the weather.

02.04.15 Weather closings

It is ridiculous that the Hastings campus didn't close today, 2/4/15. Consider the safety of students and staff!!!

02.04.15 Weather conditions

I believe that if half of our campuses are closed all campuses should be closed. The weather is not good to be driving in.

02.03.15 What happen to the Rave notification?

I have been signed up for the Rave notification for a long time. With the closing on Monday, I did not know until someone posted it on FB....so why did I not get my notification via phone call about the closing. I know that I am not the only one.

02.01.15 WebCentral Link

Please place a giant WebCentral button on the top of the CCC Main Page

02.01.15 New Website

It's very disappointing that the new 'recruiting' website design still doesn't promote or consider athletics as a main topic of interest for potential students.

02.01.15 Suggestion Box

Please make the suggestion box easier to find. Put a working link on the "Contact Us" page.

01.29.15 suggestion box hyperlink

Your hyperlink for the suggestion box is wrong.

01.29.15 open educational resourses

This semester I have spent more than I have on books falling further behind on bills.

01.28.15 webmaster

Hello - your extended college courses aren't showing up on the website. I find the new web layout difficult to navigate, and not very intuitive. It needs to be further refined to be usable for the average web user.

01.28.15 Wireless Internet

I think it would be nice if there was internet outside and at least in the entrance area of Nuckolls. It is very poor most of the time and sometimes you can't even connect.

01.28.15 College Catalog

With the college catalog not being printed we need to have it be very easily accessible on our webpage. With the new website I do not believe it is easily seen. Our degrees are what we are selling so it should be something we can find quickly.

01.27.15 Computers being slow, internet locks up, email locks up or you get a message most of the time.

How long do we have to put up with slow internet, if it does not lock up on you, continually get a message the Microsoft Outlook is trying to retrieve documents.

01.22.15 Faculty link on home page

What happened to the Faculty link on the home page? This was an easy way to link to the email system without going through WebCentral.

01.22.15 Off campus student storage area

Being an off campus student would like an area that would be safe to put a coat or books so when I am at the college all day it is not necessary to carry ALL my belonging around with me continuously. This gets quite heavy and strenuous on my back.

01.22.15 CCC Secure Wireless Issues

To whom it may concern: There are consistent issues with the Hastings Secure Wireless when it comes to connecting to textbook/homework websites such as Cengage, WebAssign and Connect.

01.20.15 CCC Secure Wireless Issues

To whom it may concern: There are consistent issues with the Hastings Secure Wireless when it comes to connecting to textbook/homework websites such as Cengage, WebAssign and Connect.

01.19.15 Academic Calendar

Please make and academic calendar with all the dates for the current school year available on the new website.

01.13.15 Dining Hall COMPLAINT with slutions.

Due to the overhaul of the Cafeteria we the students are eating food(if any) that we are self can make either at the dorm or at home.

01.13.15 Internal CCC staff with years of experience not being considered for job openings if they don't have a degree

I find it difficult to comprehend the reasoning behind the college's decision to require that every job opening at the college, whether it be part-time or full-time, the minimum requirement is you have to have a degree no matter what the job may be.

01.07.15 staff directory

The Staff directory only pulls up Staff Pictures, not numbers or email

01.07.15 Front page of WebCentral

With such a large photo crossing the screen it is very distracting.

01.07.15 ccc website

I can not find an area to get faculty office phone numbers

01.02.15 sign up for a classes online

Have a tab that actually says "sign-up for a class" even your answering service says that but its no where to be found on your web site.
Comments/Suggestions and Responses - Kudos

02.05.15 Appreciation for our campus President

I would like to thank our campus President for having our backs.

01.14.15 Kudos

Chartwells is doing an amazing job adapting to the chaos in their areas.

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